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Sauna Bonn Sports

Bonn Sports, UAE’s leading supplier of luxury and bespoke designed Sauna and Steam Room.

Bonn Sports are Dubai’s most sought after Sauna dealers, with an unbeatable reputation for quality, innovative design, prompt service and value for money. Having a vast experience in Sauna & Steam Sales and Sauna Repair in the region, we understand client’s requirements and deliver customized and bespoke design of Sauna, Steam and Jacuzzi giving you a memorable and relaxing Spa Experience.

Our Sauna products are high quality, dependable, energy saving and durable to handle a high humidity climate to give you the most relaxing and revitalizing Spa experience wherever you are.

Sauna, which originated in Finland directly translates to a ‘bath’ or ‘bathhouse’ and has been used for centuries to not only bathe but relax, unwind and heal, thus helping users with improved blood circulation, rejuvenation, and natural healing.

With the advent of modern science and technology and more clients embracing the benefits of Sauna and Steam’s room, Traditional Sauna has been fast replaced with newer innovative Sauna products bringing you a more convenient rejuvenating experience at the comforts of your home or a Spa.

Benefits of Sauna

The benefits of Sauna are widely acclaimed worldwide for its healing and rejuvenating properties. Some of them are

1. Sauna bath helps to flush out toxins from the body as the Skin sweats out with the heat

2. Sauna relaxes muscles and soothes joint aches and body pain

3. Sauna helps in improved blood circulation

4. Sauna beats Stress out of the body with its rejuvenating capabilities

5. Sauna helps people with Insomnia greatly by relaxing the mind and inducing sleep

6. Regular Sauna bath helps to improve immunity and fight illness, thus boosting your health tremendously

Bonn Sports collaborate with the world’s leading Sauna Manufacturers and Suppliers to bring a world-class Sauna at affordable prices right at your doorstep.

Bonn Sports is the largest importer and reseller of sauna products and supplies in UAE. During our 20 years of operation, we have become a reliable partner for many leading manufacturers of sauna products around the world. We believe that focusing on one area is what provides customers with a safe and secure purchasing experience. Our knowledge and long-term experience allow us to provide professional help and advice on all matters related to saunas, from design to finish, renovation of old saunas, and the treatment of various ‘sauna diseases’.
Our ready-made saunas ensure a high-quality and fast sauna experience; materials and equipment are available for both the hobbyist and the professional builder. The product range features modern spa solutions, lighting systems, furniture, and everyday sauna accessories.

we have four different and unique saunas offering an authentic experience in a naturally beautiful setting. In addition, our construction and design department provide you with interior design, design, and construction services or construction consultancy. We are confident that our team is able to solve even the most difficult sauna-related problems and issues.
Answering the questions of customers and helping them with the choice of materials and technology is an integral part of our business.

Bonn Sports brings to you Australia’s leading brand WaterJet Saunas, that are durable, efficient and therapeutic. With a Nordic wood finish, the WaterJet Saunas come in multiple dimensions and can be customized based on the individual’s requirements.