Our service team are all qualified joiners and have many years experience in dealing with customers in the education sector. We provide you with a written report detailing what repairs have been undertaken during the visit, what further repairs are required and what equipment needs replacing.

Regular and Periodic Gym Equipment Maintenance and Service is proven to reduce Wear and Tear in Gym equipment, extend your machine’s life, improve user experience and add value to Money.

At Bonn Sports, we understand that the most important responsibility of a Gym Owner is the maintenance of the equipment to handle the round the clock usage, multiple users and constant demand. With the fast paced and high demands of Customers, Gyms cannot afford a breakdown. Out of Order Equipment will only lead to Unhappy Customers. Our professional and experienced Service team are specialists in any kind of Gym Equipment Maintenance and Servicing to clean, repair and refurbish your gym with our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) across the Middle East.

Our Professional Service team will address to all your Gym Equipment Maintenance and needs and assist you with the regular maintenance of your Gym Equipment. Our Commitment to top class service to our Customers is demonstrated in each Call we receive, round the clock with our Competitive turn around times, be it a Condition based Service or Periodic Service.

Our Expert Service Team will leave you in full knowledge that your equipments have gone through a thorough service and inspection ensuring that all equipments meet the guidelines and health and safety regulations. Our team specializes in handling repairs on all types of

1. Treadmill

2. Elliptical

3. Exercise Bikes and

4. Strength Equipments of all brands.

At Bonn Sports, we advocate the awareness of “Preventive Maintenance” of all gym equipments on a regular basis to provide long running and Safe equipment. This will help you to assess and forecast running cost of equipments, lifetime of gym equipment, refurbishing cycle and have a maintenance check of machines.

Preventive Maintenance stems from simple things that can be incorporated in the daily routines of Gym users.

Top 10 tips For trouble free and safe gym equipment are

1. Daily Cleaning of Upholstery and Frames on Gym Equipment with recommended cleaning agents or cleaning wipes.

2. Regular Inspection for any loose bolts in Gym Equipment and tightening when necessary.

3. All electric Cables, Wires and Power Chords in the Gym equipment have to be monitored and checked for damage or wear and tear. Any damaged Cables or Loose Wires have to be replaced immediately.

4. All Weight Stack have to be constantly inspected for proper alignment and operation.

5. Inspect handles, latches and snap grids regularly to ensure safety of users.

6. Ensure all the labelling in the Gym equipment like Caution Messages, warnings or Instructions are visible, clear and readable.

7. Annual Maintenance of all Gym Equipments is Mandatory. Belts and Cables are recommended to be replaced every year.

8. Vacuum in and around the machines periodically to remove dust and other particles in the Gym.

9. Any liquid spills have to be cleaned immediately. Periodic Cleaning after Workouts to prevent perspiration is advisable.

10. All Gym Equipment have to be well lubricated and periodic maintenance for wear and tear have to be done.